About Preschool



5 days  $3785

4 days  $3375

3 days  $2755

  AM LK           Lunchbunch        PM LK            Total

    7:00am-9:00am          11:45am-3:00pm         3:00pm-6:00pm        7:00am-6:00

5 days   1830         3190                2870             10,495

4 days   1540         2620                2360             8,870

3 days   1135         1970                1785             6,860

2 days    775          1430                1220                ---

1 day     430           740                  690                 ---

​​The Preschool program is from 9:00-11:45 a.m., Monday through Friday, and runs for approximately 170 days between September and June. The  preschool day includes: 

  • An exploration playtime where children self select activities and toys and guide themselves
  • A craft time to develop and refine motor skills with activities designed to reinforce learning and to explore and create with new materials
  • An active time in our “Bike Room” with bicycles, balls, and other equipment to develop large motor skills and cooperative play. When weather permits, children will play outdoors in our fenced playground on the play structure, on the grassy areas, or in the sandbox.
  • Circle time is the setting for language arts. This is an opportunity for the children to listen, to express themselves, and to gain confidence in verbal expression

We also have a snack everyday, a weekly music class and monthly movement and Spanish classes.