About Explorers

​​                                  EXPLORERS

  # of days           9am-12:40pm or 12:00pm-3:10pm
    5 days                                $5375    
    4 days                                $4950     

  EX & AM LK            EX & PM LK            EX/AM & PM LK

 5 days  $7,775       5 days  $9,350         5 days  $11,350
 4 days  $6,850       4 days  $8,150         4 days  $9,825

 For fewer AM or PM Latchkey days, please refer to Latchkey rates. They are located on the Latchkey tab. 

​The Explorers program is designed for children who are in half-day kindergarten and would enjoy an enrichment program for the other half of their school day. Without duplicating the kindergarten curriculum, we build upon it and expand it, allowing for investigation and hands on experiences, especially in math, social studies and science.​


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